Attention to Anyone Who Wants To Generate Customers Online with Facebook Ads
Discover Your Estimated Ad Budget In 4 Easy Steps With This Smart Calculator
The Perfect Campaign Planning Tool For Anyone Who Wants To Advertise With Paid FB Ads And Want A Realistic Target To Aim For.  Only For People Who Aren't Allergic To Money And Don't Want To Donate Their Hard Earned Cash To Facebook.
Free Calculator Makes Estimating Your Realistic Budget Very Easy
In just 4 easy steps (and less than 4 seconds) this calculator can also:
  • Show You Your Estimated Lowest, Middle and Highest Expected Cost Per Lead Your Campaign Should Aim For
  • Calculate Your Yearly Revenue Goals - This Way You'll Know If You're On Track To Generate The Cash You Planned For
  • Break Down Your Daily, Weekly, and Yearly Sales Goals - This Way It's Super Simple To Know What You're Aiming For Each Day, Week and Year
  • Breakdown Your Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Visitor Traffic Goals - So You'll know you're sending enough people to your funnels
  • Your Estimated Yearly Highest, Middle and Lowest Gross Profit After Ad Spend - This Way You'll Be Able To Plan Out Your Online Advertising Budget With Realistic Numbers
  • Calculate Your Estimated Highest, Middle and Lowest Return On Investment (ROI) - You'll have a solid idea how much (in percentage) your campaign is going to make.
  • Make It Easy To Avoid Sticker Shock - People like gifts, those surprises are nice, but being surprised by high ad budgets AFTER it's spent, sucks! (amirite?!)
  • Manage Client Expectations REALISTICALLY When Discussing Ad Spend Objectives - If you show them these numbers, they'll know what you're aiming for when you're running your campaigns.
  • Available To The Public For a Limited Time - Because, you know, FOMO.  You don't wanna miss out after I tak'r away.
  • 100% FREE - So put your wallet away Hank.  This is free for you too.

About Carlos A. Vazquez
(AKA The Creator Of This Cool Calculator)

"I'm a digital marketing geek who specializes in building client generation and scaling systems with ClickFunnels, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign and Facebook Ads.  

I always get the question 'How much should I expect to spend on paid ads?' Well, After answering this question more times than I can count, I created a calculator that helps me simplify the explanation process.  

Now I'm making it available for geeks like me.

I'm a Certified Partner For Digital Marketer, Infusionsoft, and ActiveCampaign.

...oh, and I'm also a Certified Paid Customer Acquisition Expert that actually does this stuff."
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